The ICAN BioCell Flow Cytometry platform

The platform offers a set of services centered around multiparametric flow cytometry, cell sorting and the characterization of cytokines and chemokines by Biolpex analysis. The platform has the scientific and technical skills for all your scientific projects in the life sciences.
Thanks to its scientific and technical expertise, the ICAN BioCell Flow Cytometry platform staff will accompany you throughout your project from its conception to the analysis and formatting of the results for publication.
The platform is a structure open to all personnel belonging to the constituent units of Sorbonne-University but also to research units outside the federative research structure and to private companies.

Knowledge and Skills

Flow cytometry is a rapid and precise technique for the individual characterization of cells in suspension or isolated particles driven by a liquid flow to a source of light excitation. It also allows high-speed cell sorting, which corresponds to a physical separation of different subpopulations from a heterogeneous population, whether the latter is derived from tissue or cell culture.
Today, cytometry makes it possible to obtain pure and viable samples, the first essential step for RNAseq and single cell type analyses.

The platform staff has the scientific and technical skills for project implementation, from sample preparation to data analysis, and provides the necessary services and training.
The platform accepts all biological systems in optimal biosafety conditions (Type L2 containment room and device under PSM) allowing both the study of human and preclinical tissue.
Its resources make it possible to characterize and separate populations of cells, both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, or of particles (vesicles, nanoparticles, organelles, etc.) for basic and/or clinical research.

We also offer theoretical and practical training in the use of the analyzer cytometer as well as for the S3e cell sorter and the Blioplex. The objective of this training is that all users quickly become autonomous and independent in the use of cytometers and have the necessary and sufficient theoretical bases to better plan their cytometry project.

The platform offers, for those who wish, personalized supervision which includes:

  • assistance in the design of experiments (in particular on the choice of fluorochromes) assistance in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of results.
  • adapting the equipment to emerging uses by developing new technical updates.


  • Immunophenotyping biological samples
  • Detection of membrane, intracellular (cytokines, phospho-proteins) and intranuclear molecules.
  • Study of apoptosis, cell cycle, cell proliferation.
  • Multiplex assay of cytokines, phospho-proteins.
  • Cell sorting of animal and plant cells, yeasts, bacteria.


  • The ICAN BioCell Flow Cytometry platform provides services to the scientific community and to industry.
  • The systems are accessible to users wishing to be autonomous after training by platform staff and the signing of a user charter.
  • Reservation of systems is authorized for users trained via the Open IRIS platform
  • Access to the ICAN BioCell Flow Cytometry platform is subject to a fee
  • For all service requests please sign ICAN BioCell Charter – Flow cytometry and complete the application form



You can create your antibody panel here

MACSQuant analyzer (Miltenyi – Biotec)

  • Multi-parameter analyzer (up to 8 colors)
  • 3 lasers (405, 488, 635nm)
  • Absolute cell count (volumetric)
  • Automatic 96-well plate reader
  • Applications: cell cycle analysis, apoptosis, cell proliferation…

Luminex Reader - MagPix (BIO-RAD)

  • Up to 50 soluble compounds (cytokines, chemokines, growth factors…) detected simultaneously in 25 µL of sample
  • High sensitivity a few pico-grams of protein or 10 6 copies of DNA
  • Applications: the study of inflammation, cell signaling, growth, apoptosis, toxicity, cancer

MoFlo ASTRIOS Sorter (Beckman Coulter)

  • Multi-parameter sorter
  • 4 lasers (405, 488,561,640 nm) 15 colors
  • 6 sorting lanes, possibility of single cell sorting on 96-well plate
  • Isolation of cells (eukaryotes and prokaryotes) and particles

Sorter S3 e Biorad

  • Multi-parameter sorter
  • 3 lasers (488,561,640 nm) 4 colors
  • 2 sorting lanes
  • Isolation of cells (eukaryotes and prokaryotes) and particles



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Aurélie GESTIN

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