ICAN IMAGING: a unique technological offer in Île-de-France

The acquisition by the IHU-ICAN of a latest-generation 1.5T cardiovascular MRI has enabled the creation of the first cardiovascular and metabolic imaging platform by magnetic resonance dedicated entirely to humans in Île-de-France. This platform provides unique access for academic, hospital and industrial research to advanced non-invasive quantitative imaging of the cardiocirculatory system, and development of metabolic imaging.

These new techniques, applied directly to humans, enable accelerated patient-centered translational research. The development of imaging sequences, the optimization and standardization of protocols based on local skills in cardio-radiology (ICT) are combined with the expertise in image analysis and quantification of the Biomedical Imaging Laboratory (LIB, Sorbonne University, INSERM, CNRS) to develop new imaging biomarkers.

Multiparametric imaging data can be integrated with other omics data within ICAN technology platforms, to determine new strategies for personalized patient care, using the latest data analysis techniques via Artificial Intelligence

Platform expertise

The ICAN IMAGING platform combines three complementary activities: image acquisition by the MRI platform, standardized reference analysis and image management by the Core Lab, and project development including methodological, regulatory, financial and communication aspects by the IHU-ICAN.

Image acquisition/MRI

  • Acquisition of standardized and optimized images
  • Clinical research protocols
  • Methodological and technological research protocols
  • Access to cohort and population imagery
  • Quality control and data management / GDPR compatible archiving

Image analysis

  • Medical reading, expert labeling, adjudication
  • Internationally recognized expertise in cardiovascular image processing
  • Design and provision of innovative and multi-manufacturer image analysis software
  • Research and development of new biomarkers in cardiovascular imaging
  • A tailor-made analysis offer as part of a diagnostic/therapeutic study

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A multidisciplinary team specializing in cardiovascular imaging

The ICAN IMAGING platform provides investigators and sponsors with a structure and high-level expertise in order to :

  • Offer a one-stop shop for setting up your academic and industrial projects in interaction with our multidisciplinary team
  • Develop, validate and apply in population, quantitative biomarkers in in vivo imaging
  • Identify and study new determinants for earlier diagnosis and predict disease progression
  • Evaluate the medico-economic aspect of innovative strategies based on high-tech imaging

Scientific leaders

Pr A. Redheuil (AP-HP)

N. Kachenoura (DR INSERM)

Medical team

E. Carpenter


N. Pasi

A. Redheuil

Nursing supervision

I. Delavault

K. Grizaud

Head of MRI and Core Lab


MRI team and medical imaging technicians

Mr Prigent


N. Pasi

A. Redheuil

Core Lab Team

Mr Prigent

Mr. Zarai

A. Killinc

Research Team


T. Dietenbeck

E. Blondiaux

E. Carpenter

A. Redheuil

N. Kachenoura

A.De Cesare

A. Gallo


scientific Council

F. Lethimonnier (INSERM)

I. Bloch (Sorbonne University)

G. Helft (AP-HP)

D. Dormont (AP-HP)


DMU Diamond (AP-HP)

LIB Biomedical Imaging Laboratory (INSERM/CNRS)


Khaoula Bouazizi

Operational Manager

01 84 82 77 74

Louise Meyfroit

IHU-ICAN Project Manager

01 84 82 77 89