ICAN I/O is a platform of expertise focused on the analysis and integration of multi-omics and clinical data. The platform goes hand in hand with the evolution of modern technologies and the use of robust algorithms to meet research objectives through a collaborative and holistic approach integrating multi-omics technologies and statistical analysis.

The team includes data managers and a data scientist who all have extensive experience gained from working on national and international projects, collaborating with eminent scientists, doctors and researchers on many scientific topics.

Clinical research

Database management and curation

CRF paper

  • Protocol reading
  • Paper CRF review
  • Paper CRF Validation

eCRF creation

  • List of variables
  • Implementation in REDCap
  • FRC test
  • Validation of CRF
  • Creation of user accounts
  • Release

Edit Checks

  • Creation and validation of the Data-Validation Plan
  • Development / Test / Validation – Selection of required fields


  • Data extraction / Creation of datasets


  • REDCap User Guide
  • Study entry guide
  • Data-Management Plan of the study

External Data

  • Link to external data

eCRF Maintenance and Data Quality Control

  • Fixing problems
  • New version / Amendment
  • User Management
  • Creation of queries


  • Provision to the monitor of a fraction of data to be monitored


Statistical analysis plan
Descriptive analyzes (Tables + Figures)
Multivariate analyzes

  • Logisitc/Cox-Regression models
  • Model Validation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Multiple-Imputation

machine learning

  • Variable prognosis
  • Outcome predictions / Risk prediction model
  • Validation model
  • Development of Clinical Scores



Maharajah PONNAIAH, Ph.D


m.ponnaiah @ihuican.org
(33) 6 51 71 93 08

Mehdi MENAI, Ph.D

data manager

Romain Chenu

data manager

Waed Khalek

Health Data & Artificial Intelligence Project Manager



Predicting 90-day survival of Patients with COVID-19: Survival Of Severely Ill COVID (SOSIC) Scores. Annals of Intensive Care. (In press)